Genuine care for hardwood flooring

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Genuine Quality

We have spent over two years developing, testing and perfecting Real Clean Floors.  Designed to work on all kinds of flooring finishes, we recommend it for use on every floor we produce.

Real Clean

Real Wood Floors has over forty years experience making the very best hardwood floors you can buy for your home.  Our commitment to making the very best flooring is evident in our new suite of cleaning and care products – Real Clean Floors.

Happy Floors

Real Clean Floors hardwood floor cleaner not only cleans and protects your finish, but actually cuts through built up residue left by inferior cleaners.  Clean and care for you floor with Real Clean Floors.

Genuine Care For Hardwood Flooring

Real Wood Floors makes the best hardwood flooring in the business.

We know you want to keep your floors as beautiful as the day they were installed, so we spent over two years developing and perfecting Real Clean Floors hardwood floor cleaner.  Its natural cleaning power comes from pure extract of orange peel, and will cut through the toughest dirt and grime while nurturing and protecting your floor’s finish.

A good floor properly cared for will get more beautiful as the years go by, and maintain its value for generations.  Real Clean Floors cleaning suite is designed to help you protect and care for your floors.  It’s your home – choose Real Clean Floors to help keep it clean and beautiful.

I’ve had my own cleaning business for five years and am always looking for better hardwood floor cleaner.  I recently started using Real Clean Floors.  It cuts through dirt and leaves a natural shine. Plus it smells good too, without smelling like chemicals like so many do.

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Bobbie M.


The cleaner is great! The spray bottle is easy to use and so much better than a mop bucket full of liquid cleaner. It has a really nice smell and the it gets the floor so clean and shiny! Excellent product.


Laura G.

Immutable Laws of Cleaning


80% of your week’s cleaning occurs in the 20 minutes before guests arrive.


No matter how well you’ve cleaned your house, your mother-in-law will find something you missed.


You’ll always notice that last dust bunny after you’ve put the broom away.

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